God Does Not Change

Malachi 3:6  For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

When I read Job 30:21, Job seems to believe the Lord has turned cruel. Job had a false reality about the Lord within his mind and emotions. Just because life had become cruel did not mean that God had become cruel. The immutability of God is a powerful characteristic that must be applied at all times. God does not change. In Job’s emotions it felt as though God had become cruel toward him. The thing is that this emotion goes against the very character and nature of God. God does not change. We have to understand that when we call God good when things are good then we have to call God good when things are going really bad. The goodness of God is not measured by the afflictions or lack of afflictions we face in this life. The goodness of God is measured by His character, mercies, and grace extended toward our sinful selves.

God does not start out being good and then all of a sudden decide to become cruel. God is not temperamental, nor does God get up on the wrong side of the bed. God is not moody. He does not have bad days or good days. He is not vindictive, spiteful, or emotionally unstable. Just because I am having a bad day does not mean God is having a bad day. God does not take out his anger on us because one day He wakes up and decides to be cruel today when He was good yesterday. God is not a “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” He does not change.

Today I rest my faith on that which never changes. The God of all glory and the God of all comfort is a God that is constant, stedfast, and sure. The God of our Bible is one that is an anchor. While the world around us changes and moves like a roller coaster, God is our constant. He is our anchor that keeps us from drifting. Rather than assuming that God has in some way changed, we need to remember that God does not change. If He said He loved you yesterday when it was good then He still loves you today when it is rough.

The way we feel and think does not always align to what God says.