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Make Each Day Count

Psalms 90:12  So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

We have to learn to make each day count. Time is the one thing we experience that gives zero second chances. Our days here on earth are truly numbered. We clock in each day not knowing if this day will be our last. Personally, this is very convicting because I look back and wonder if I have made my days count for something worthwhile. Making each day count is a learning process. We must learn to order our days and then attack them with the realization that we may not get another day.

We tend to approach life with a sense of carelessness. We live our lives thinking that each day is a guarantee. One of my personal problems is the thought of putting things off for another day. We say things like “I will get to that later”, or “I will tackle that in a few days.” The reality is that we are numbering our days. We are assuming we have a few days or that “later” is some God given guarantee. The reality is that we are not promised anything. We have to approach our days with purpose.

How would a person make each day count? For me, I struggle because my “to-do” list is longer than my day. It is hard to me to find a starting point as well as a finishing point. There is always something that needs to be done. Here are some thoughts I am personally considering in order to make my day count:

  • Make my relationship with God a priority: Will I purposely and passionately pursue the Lord today?
  • Consider my family: When I became a parent, I truly relinquished my own rights and made a decision to personally invest into the next generation.
  • Be Unselfish: My day will have a greater impact if I do not make it about me.
  • Make a List: If I know what I need to do, then it helps me prioritize my daily task.
  • Rest: One of the most spiritual things we can do is rest.
  • Be Healthy: It is going to be impossible to make the day count if I do not have the energy to finish it.

Maybe you can add to this today. How would you make your day count?

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