Judgement Day

Romans 14:11-12  For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.  12  So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

There is a pay day some day. There is coming a time when every one of us will have to stand before God, bow before God, and confess to God. All of us are going to have to answer for ourselves before God. We will not have to imagine what we will be doing when we get before God. While I understand that God already knows the answer to everything, I have often wondered what questions will be asked before the Lord and how the answers will be revealed. The exposure of our entire lives both public and private will be open before the throne of God. There will be total exposure, and we will have to give an answer for each moment of our life. I am not even sure how this process is going to happen. Here are some of my thoughts regarding this event:

  • The internal thoughts and motives of my heart will play as everything in my life is exposed before a Heavenly throne. There have been a lot of times people have been fooled by actions while they never knew the matters of the heart. The intentions, the internal thoughts, and the motives of the heart will be played out loud throughout each event.
  • Nothing will be hid from God. We seem to want to play a dangerous game of roulette with God, each moment taking chances on whether or not we will have another moment to live. We have to understand the reality of having to answer to God. It is inevitable, but at the same time it is going to be brutal. Nothing will be hid. There is no small compartment within the heart where we will be able to hide our secret sins.
  • What will I be able to say? Seriously, in the midst of total exposure there will be no excuses. We will not be able to pass blame, and we will not able to talk our way out of it. I can imagine something in my life getting exposed and just having nothing but shame because I failed in my relationship with my Heavenly Father.
  • How long will this last? Everyone is going to be bowing and confessing. It may last for only a moment, it may last for an extended period of time. Operating in eternity may not be something that will have time attached to it. That alone is hard to comprehend, but it is completely possible.
  • What will happen next? This is where things get serious. We will be judged. Actions, motives, and intentions will all be judged by God. This is a point where even our own salvation experience will be judged. I foreshadow a lot of weeping, sorrow, and genuine confession during this time. To stand before a perfectly holy God completely exposed. Maybe the holiness of God’s presence will be what brings total exposure to our public and private lives. I truly believe that it will be then that God will take those who have been saved and wipe away their tears. I cannot imagine a greater time of grace and mercy. He will also cast those who are lost into the lake of fire. Rather than having no memory, those people will live throughout eternity with a constant memory of what could have been if they had not allowed pride into their lives.

The question remains: Are we ready to meet God?