Jesus Wept

John 11:35  Jesus wept. (Please Read John 11:1-35)

Have you ever wondered why Jesus wept? Have you ever considered the ability of Jesus to grieve loss? Lazarus was a friend. The loved ones of Lazarus were friends of Jesus. This simple action of Christ does not need to be overlooked or undervalued. This one short verse serves as a reminder of the depth of Christ’s love for us when we are hurting as well as grieving.

I have no doubt that Jesus felt the pain of loss even though He knew His ability to resurrect those that were dead. Jesus could not help but be emotional over seeing those He loved hurt. We all must realize there is a difference between being able to weep with someone and weeping for someone. Jesus did not hurt for those involved. Jesus hurt with those involved. He shared the pain of loss. He shared the burden of grief. His compassion runs so deep that He hurts with someone when He already knows how His will is going to develop through these situations.

Please let this be a reminder that if Jesus did this then He will still do it now. The fact that Jesus wept during the death of Lazarus serves as a reminder that Jesus does not just hurt for us, but He hurts with us. This is why He is a high priest that allows us to touch Him with the feelings of our infirmities. You may be hurting right now and at the same time wondering where God is in all this pain and agony of life. You may be feeling robbed, cheated, slighted, or treated unfairly. The Lord is a good Father that truly loves us. Even though His plans are perfect does not change the hurt we feel in the current moment. I am currently reminded that as a parent I have to do certain things with my children that causes them grief and sadness. It hurts me so bad when I see my children sad. I feel their pain because I love them and they are part of me. When they hurt, I hurt. The plan has to be fulfilled, but my love for them never changes. The same is true of our Lord. He hurts when we hurt. The pain that He feels for those He calls friends brings comfort.