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More Than I Can Handle

Psalms 55:22  Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

Do you ever get burdened with life? Is it not amazing at how we can place our eternity in the Lord’s hands but struggle to give Him the burdens of day-to-day life? God does not just secure us for eternity, but He also sustains us throughout life. It is an absolute must that we make this principle a reality in our life. With the burdens that conflict us on a daily basis we must be willing to “cast” or hurl them upon the Lord.

The struggles and hardships of life can get very heavy. There is an old statement that says, “God will not put more on you than you can bear.” While this sounds really good, the reality is that God does allow more on us than we can bear. God does not position us so that we do not need Him. God positions us so that we learn to rely on Him. If I thought I could carry the burden then why would I need God’s help in sustaining me? We might be saying to ourselves at the present moment, “The load is more than I can bear.” That means the Lord has you exactly where He wants you. He has you in a place where you must remove the load and get help to carry such heaviness. It is time to take this to the Lord. Stop carrying the load that was never intended for you to carry, and cast it upon the Lord.

The Lord has a strong back and broad shoulders. There is nothing He cannot do. There is not a load too big nor a situation to overwhelming that He cannot handle. He has sustaining power. He has the ability to hold us up and carry our load. We must take it to the Lord. We are not able, but the Lord is very able, as well as willing to carry that which we cast upon Him. The load of life was not meant to be carried. It was meant to be cast upon the Lord. He is our sustainer.

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