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Week 50 Discipleship – Unanswered Prayer

I know we may be expecting some great systematic process to handling unanswered prayer. It would be nice if there was some great revelation that helped us understand why prayer life seems so ineffective. Truthfully, the key, I think, revolves the purpose of our prayer life. Much of the time we have put more faith in our prayer than we have the Lord. We have got so caught up in the results that we have forgot that prayer is about a relationship with the Lord. Unanswered prayer should not drive us away from the Lord but it should cause us to a deeper relationship with the Lord. I have determined that if we based our marriages on the same basis of our prayer results then nobody would stay married. We do not stay with our spouses because the of what they give us or do not give us, we stay because we love them. If we are not expecting results from our spouses then we should not expect results like this from God. Prayer is not about gaining answers it is about dependence, delight and devotion. I hope you gain some perspective as you study this week’s material.

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