The Christian Testimony – An Equal Yoke

2 Corinthians 6:14  Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

This passage of scripture is usually utilized within the context of marriage. This passage definitely applies to that area of life, but it encompasses a much broader spectrum. I think many will find it hard to balance this portion of scripture with the commission to reach the lost. I mean, what does God want us to do? Does He want us to reach the lost world? If he does then we are going to have to go out among a lost world and be around unbelievers? Was the testimony of Jesus not one of “this man eateth” with sinners? Honestly, I find these questions to be out of context with what the passage is commanding of the believer.

The modern American Christian movement believes that in order to truly reach the world we must fully engulf ourselves with the world. We have to act like them, dress like them, hang out with them, do what they do, and go to the places they like to go. Basically, the more like the world we can become the more comfortable they become and the easier it becomes to reach them. This is called an unequal yoke. We are sacrificing our “new creature” identity on the altar of relevance. We are tipping the scale of fairness. The world gets what it wants (conformity), and Christians are forced to go against their new nature in order all because we think it is the only way to reach a lost world.

The context of this passage is reminding us, as Christians, that our nature does not have anything in common with the world or its philosophy. God wants us to go into the world and share the gospel. Just because Jesus ate with sinners does not mean He yoked up with them. Jesus was yoked to his disciples, not the world. He was in the world, but He was definitely not of the world. Christians should not be required to compromise who they are in order to reach those that are not like them.

The Christian testimony is one of light and salt. We are to allow our light to shine. Darkness will not fellowship with light. Light drives out darkness. The world should see a difference in those that call themselves Christian. We do not have to yoke up with the world in order to be relevant to the world. We are to be uncommon. We are called to be different. While we are in the world the world needs to see our lack of fellowship with darkness. Please do not compromise your testimony because the world desires conformity.