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Psalms 103:1  A Psalm of David. Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.

The phrase “bless the Lord” is synonymous with the exercise of praise, admiration, and thanksgiving. The part of this passage that convicts me to my core is the phrase “all that is within me.” If we were to translate this passage into our everyday lives then we would pour ourselves into praise, admiration and thanksgiving toward the Lord. In order to make this happen then we have to become passionate about the Lord. Our passion for the Lord is the missing ingredient of the majority of our churches.

It is not that we are not passionate people. We are just not very passionate about the Lord. Our passions are poured into sports, careers, stuff, and social status. I am coming to realize (I hope I am not too late) that what we are passionate about carries on into the next generation. As a whole, we have failed to be passionate about the Lord. It is coming at a great cost.

I want to challenge you to spend some time talking to the young men and women in our churches that are about to graduate. I want you to ask them what they plan on doing with their lives and why they are doing it. You will find the driving motives for doing these things will be because they want to make money. Ask them, “Ware you planning on going in this direction?” The answer will normally be, “Because it pays well.” It is very rare, or if ever you will hear the words, “Because it is what the Lord wants me to do.” What is the issue? Our passion for the Lord is so cold that rather than raising a generation that pursues God we have raised a generation that pours everything they have into being famous, getting scholarships, and making money. We no longer have young men and women that are surrendering to the call of God in ministry or missions anymore because we are no longer passionate about those things. Passion is contagious and the direction of our passion propels the motives of the next generation.

Where are the young preachers? Where are the young singers? Where are the young missionaries? Where are the young ministers? Our passions are not directed toward these areas because they may not bring a lot of self glory or much money. Even in our Christian churches, associations, and circles we have redirected our passion from the work of the ministry to sports, academic achievements, and materialistic gain. I pray we awaken to this and redirect our passion before we lose a generation to idol worship.

It is time we bless the Lord with all that is within us!

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