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A Fixed Heart and Praise

Psalms 108:1 O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.

A fixed heart results in praise. A fixed heart gives the believer an inner joy that is not affected by exterior influences. Surrounding our lives each day are perversions, wickedness, and destruction. There are those that want to pull us into the same degradation that they themselves have fallen into. While surrounded by external hardships and difficulty we must be willing to fixate our heart on the Lord. It is one of direction and determination. A fixed heart is a heart that has directionally turned itself to the Lord. It has consciously decided to turn in the direction of Jesus. A fixed heart says “I have decided to follow Jesus. With the world behind me and the cross before me, I have decided to turn toward Jesus. A fixed heart is determined to never turn back. It is a heart that does not quit and does not ever give up on the Lord.

The praise that comes from a fixed heart is not one that is dictated by circumstances, but rather a relationship. It is was Daniel that fixed his heart on the Lord and prayed anyway. The three Hebrews boys fixed their heart on the Lord and stood anyway. David fixed his heart on the Lord and defeated the giant. Stephen fixed his heart on the Lord and accepted the stoning for his faith. Peter fixed his heart on the Lord and was crucified upside down. Paul fixed his heart on the Lord and endured excruciating circumstance in order to present the gospel to the lost world. A fixed heart produces praise regardless of the difficulty we have to endure.

Somewhere along the line we must realize that we can sing in darkness. It is the fixed heart that positions our heart to sing during moments of darkness. It is a fixed heart that awakes the inner glory for revival. It is the fixed heart frets not because of evil doers. If we are not singing in darkness then our heart is fixed on the darkness and the Lord. We must fix our heart on the Lord. Turn toward him. Point the inner compass of the heart toward the Lord. If you have gone one moment with the Lord then you have gone too far to turn back.

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