The Channel of Grace

James 4:6  But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

One of the principles this verse teaches us is that God has an abundant amount of grace. Grace is something he is never short of being able to distribute. This scripture teaches us how we can receive grace no matter what life may throw our direction. God is teaching us that grace is not just an application that is administered during salvation. Grace is applied throughout our entire lives and in every aspect of life. We may not get the answers we want but we can alway have the grace we need. This scripture teaches us about the channel by which God distributes grace.

God tells us about his abundance of grace, but he also warns us that grace will never be experienced in the presence of pride. Matter of fact, God resists or opposes the proud. God creates distance between himself and those that are prideful. Grace and pride cannot coexist. If we want God’s unmerited favor on our lives then we must remove pride. Pride produces actions and attitudes that are completely contrary to God’s character and God’s will. Pride is divisive. Pride places a person on a false pedestal that will ultimately come crumbling down. Pride does not see other’s needs before its own. Pride has to always be right and always be in control. Pride ruins relationships, destroys marriages, and ruins lives. Pride is what keeps a person from getting saved when God is convicting and calling. God cannot nor will not apply grace when pride is present.

God calls us to a life of humility and a life that is submissive, sacrificial, and selfless. Humility is the channel by which God administers grace. If we want God’s favor then we need to put aside our pride and walk in humility. We need to understand that humility is not weakness. Humility is actually one of our greatest demonstrations of strength. It takes strength to admit when one needs help. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to request wisdom. We have to be willing to come to a place where we realize we are nothing and God is everything. When we are in the grind of life we must understand that it is the grind that God is using to humble us so that we can experience greater levels of grace. God has grace for every aspect of our lives. We just need to be humble enough to receive it.