Trapped By Fear or Free through Faith

Proverbs 29:25  The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Fear is a trap. It prevents movement and progress. Operating in fear is what keeps us from trusting God. This verse speaks specifically about the fear of man. We fear how we are perceived by others. We fear being rejected by others. Ultimately we have such a fear of others that we are willing to ignore God in order to make sure others do not cause us harm emotionally, mentally, or physically. God teaches us to stop fearing man and start trusting Him. He assures us that those that will place their trust in Him will be safe.

I want to take a moment and address the panic within our world at this present moment. Covid-19 is not the cause of our fear. There have been viruses lurking around our planet for centuries. Covid-19 is real, and in some cases it is very dangerous. It is also so new and so unknown that nobody knows how to maneuver through it sensibly. Mixing the narrative of the media along with the agenda of power hungry people is a breeding ground for a lot of fear. We have people that are afraid of getting sick. We have people afraid of getting others sick. We have Christians afraid to attend church services. We have division about ideas revolving around all this. If you wear a mask you are not trusting God. If you do not wear a mask then you are arrogant, careless, and rebellious. The reality is nobody knows what to do and how to think. They have allowed false narratives and fearful messages to control their way of life. Ultimately, people have quit living for fear of dying, getting sick, or even getting someone else sick. When you mix in the riots throughout the major cities fear becomes the mainstream. We fear having our opinion because of the opinion of someone else. We fear expressing our beliefs because of the way someone may perceive our beliefs. Fear lurks at every turn. It has trapped us. It has caused immobility. It has caused a lack of progress.

When we feel safe is when we are able to move freely. Our trust in the Lord is what gives us our mobility. We have to understand that there is freedom in faith. The reason there is freedom in faith is because of the safety promised by our Lord. Here is an example: I am afraid of heights. Really, I am afraid of falling from such high altitudes. Anyway, climbing ladders makes me real nervous. The higher I get, the slower my climb becomes. When someone is holding the bottom of the ladder, I have more confidence to climb higher. I feel safe knowing who is holding my ladder. If I have no confidence in the person holding the ladder then I cannot successfully climb. Now, who is holding our lives? The Lord is not holding the bottom of our ladder. The Lord is in complete control of our lives. Knowing that the Lord has got me gives me the ability to climb, go, and continue to move forward for the Kingdom sake. Look at it this way: If we trust the Lord and His will then we know everything is operating through His plan and His divine purpose. We may get sick, but the Lord has the ability to heal. We may die, but the worst thing that can happen to us if we are saved is heaven. God did not want us to stop living because of what someone is saying through a news broadcast. He wants us to live free through faith in Him because that is what His Word has declared over our lives.

I want to close with two principles I am personally operating over in these times of uncertainty:

  • I cannot be so afraid to die that I forget how to live.
  • I would rather be free than safe. My freedom is my safety.