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My Hallelujah

Have you ever realized just how valuable this can be in your life? Please do not undervalue the power of the hallelujah. The word “hallelujah” is synonymous with the word found in Revelation 19:1 “alleluia”. The word itself literally means “praise the Lord”. You must see that the “hallelujah” is our anthem of praise. If there was ever a universal phrase then it would “praise the Lord”. We must never underestimate the power of praise.

We can lose so much within the scope of our lives. The circumstances we encounter within this life can take away our finances, destroy our families, or diminish our future. The fact remains that one thing that cannot be taken away is the Hallelujah. If someone or something steals my praise, then it will be because I allowed it to happen. Consider Job for a moment. He lost everything. His health, wealth, and family were taken from him. His own wife told him to curse God and die. In the midst of the most difficult, frustrating, and painful moment of his life Job was able to look to the heavens and declare the words “the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job gives us an example of the power of praise while tragedy is on every corner. Think in terms of Paul and Silas. They were stuck in the prison. While chained to one another, they considered themselves free because they knew that the one thing they that could not be taken away was their praise. Their hallelujah broke the chains and changed lives. What does all this mean? It means that my hallelujah is mine. Its mine if someone or something takes it from me will be because I allow it to be taken from me.

My hallelujah is based on my perspective of God. You and I must understand that regardless of things being bad, God is still good. When “it” is not good, God is always good. My hallelujah has power. My hallelujah ushers in God’s presence (he inhabits the praise of his people). My hallelujah was given to me by God through the power of the cross. My anthem of praise is not dictated by my circumstance, but rather my relationship with the Lord. I would like to close with the lyrics to the song “What can take away my Hallelujah”

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