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Where Does a Soldier Belong?

Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. ‘ 2 Timothy 2:3

This has been a thought that has been weighing on me the past few days. Throughout the Bible God references Christians in comparison with a soldier. Our lives are considered being in a war. Sometimes I think Christians feel like this is some game that is played. On the contrary, being a Christian means we are in a war and the losing could cost us our lives. We had better take this seriously.

There are three marks of a good soldier:

  1. Good soldiers are Driven: They are motivated by their cause. As Christians we have a cause that should drive us. We must be driven by Christ and his commission.
  2. Good soldiers are Durable: The verse teaches us that Christian soldiers are to be able to endure hardness. I am honestly beginning to wonder just how durable we Christians in America have become. Being in a war requires the ability to endure the most severe of circumstances.
  3. Good Soldiers are Disciplined: The Christian soldier must be disciplined. There are so many distractions in this life and we have to maintain a sense of discipline as we go to war against the tactics of the enemy.

What is the point of the title? Well all this brings me to the question: “where does the Christian Soldier belong?” They belong on the battle field. Christians belong on the front lines. We are not spectators but we are participators. Injured Christians are not suppose to dwell in the infirmary, we are to be patched up and get back out there. We are required to fight the fight of faith. We are commanded to endure hardness. We are not meant to be living a life of prosperity, and popularity. We are called, trained, and sculpted to be in the Lord’s army. You get that right? We are in the Lord’s army! With a commander and chief as the Lord who would not want to be where he is. We are in a war and the soldier belongs on the battle field. By the way…just a heads up…I have read the end of the Bible…we WIN! The victory is ours! Now, get back out there on the front lines and be the good soldiers we are called to be.

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