Familiar With God?

I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a strange thing. ‘ Hosea 8:12

Last week this verse popped out during our midweek Bible study. I must say that it has stayed with me. I have thought much about this one statement and it has me very burdened. While this is an indictment against the Children of Israel, I also believe it is very applicable to what we are experiencing in American Christianity.

God has given the great things of his law, but they have now become very strange. We have a tendency to view the laws of God has binding rules and regulations that keep us from enjoying life. The reality is that those love God will love God’s laws. The problem is not that we have a problem with God’s law, we actually have a problem with God. The great things of God’s law have now become strange because we have failed to love God the way he deserves to be loved. In what world do we think that God’s Word is to be looked at as something that does not apply to us. I am currently watching the next generation grow up before my eyes, and they look at the things I preach like a calf looking at a new gate. When God’s word is presented to them, or preached they make statements like: “that just stupid”, “oh well”, or “whatever”. There is a complete disregard to the laws of God because they seem so strange to them. Let me tell you…that is a reflection on the generation before them.

What is the answer? I would say Repent but at the same time the word itself is viewed as a strange thing. I will say that it is a scary thing when we are dealing with generations of people that are no longer familiar with God. I honestly do not know the answer. All I can say is that this indictment against us is real and we need awaken to the reality that we are slowly losing our heritage because of our attitude toward God’s Word, God’s Ways, and God’s Will. Remember, if we have a problem with God’s Word we are actually saying we have a problem with God.