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Spiritual Warfare

What I am about to write is very real and very dangerous. Approaching this topic is something that we must raise awareness in a day of advancing technology and easier access to sinful activity. I want to build this platform with a verse: ”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ‘ Ephesians 6:12

Please make sure you read this verse more than once. Like, right now, take a second and read it at least two more times real carefully. Now, let’s break this principle down. We need to begin by examining the fatality of the context. Thayer defines the word “wrestle” in the following manner: “a contest between two in which each endeavors to throw the other, and which is decided when the victor is able to press and hold down his opponent, namely, hold him down with his hand upon his neck.” To the Christians in the church of Ephesus meant that loser of the Greek wrestling match had his eyes gouged out resulting in complete blindness the rest of his days. Please understand that the wrestling match with these spiritual opponents could possibly have fatal results. Based on the language of this word we are dealing in terms of WWF; we are dealing with life or death. That is serious! Now, let’s look at our opponent. Our opponent is not in human form. It is in a spiritual form. Principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness are none other than Satan and his demons. Right now you may be thinking I am over emphasizing things, but please know Paul nor I am over emphasizing the seriousness of who we are up against. Satan has one goal: to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). Our opponent is dangerous and extremely destructive. There is no mercy or grace in his objective goal. Him and his demonic influencers are who we are up against. Please do not underestimate the opponent. We will never win alone, we need Christ, we need the Blood of Jesus, we need the Word of God, and we need the power of God. I think it is also important that we pay close attention to where the opponent is located. The verse calls it “high places”. If you were to correspond this to Ephesians 2:2 we Satan referenced as the prince of the power of the air. Knowing his location sure helps know when we are heading into his area of expertise. The description of our opponent is like listening to wrestling match that is won before it even gets started. Like, in this one corner stand little ole me, human, and unconfident. In the other corner stands the prince of the air, the ruler of darkness, and the most wicked of the wicked. You see, I feel defeated already. I truly believe knowing his area of operation and how he works gives us the edge. Of course, coming to the realization that standing in our corner is the all time, undisputed, undefeated, Savior of the entire world! If there was an space in this article to rejoice it is right now…If we are saved, God has got our back. I challenge you to continue reading Ephesians 6 and you will learn the tools God gives us to win the wrestling match.

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