The Church – Part 2

Why I Need the Church

Psalm 122:1 “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” 

The question was posed as to why people feel like they do not need the church. Of course you can imagine the array of comments from such a question. Some had valid suggestions, and some are just making excuses. I am sure people could spend all day listing the reasons they do not need the church. I would like to give you my list of why I cannot live without the church.

  1. I need God’s Word: I am the pastor, but I faith comes from hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). I have read countless books, I have a Masters from Liberty University, but I have to say that the greatest lessons I have learned was under the preaching of God’s Word. God uses his men to teach us God’s Word. Without instruction from God’s Word my life will get real frustrating.
  2. I need the fellowship: Iron sharpens Iron. I have to live in this world throughout the entire week. I have to deal with all kinds of issues, hear all kinds of language, and minister to many levels of evil. God’s people offer the encouragement I need that keeps me going. I realize that people are not perfect, but that is what makes Church so helpful. It is the fellowship with other believers that help me keep fighting the fight of faith.
  3. I need my small group: I do not have enough space to discuss how important this group of people are to me. They encourage, they pray for me, they love me, and we are able to share our problems with each other. This brief 45 minutes together is like a shot in the arm that keeps me going throughout my week. I actually feel sorry for those that do not experience my small group.
  4. I need to sing: I did not say that I can sing. However; I need to sing. Whether contemporary or traditional…I just need to spend a few moments singing to the Lord. You say, that I can sing at home…and you’re right, but I cannot sing with other believers. There is nothing like praising God together with other believers.
  5. I need the altar: Why? Because the altar will alter our lives. The greatest things that have ever happened to me have happened on the altar within the church house. I trusted Christ on the altar, I surrender to preach on the altar, and I married the love of my life on the altar. It is a life altering experience when you put your all on the altar of God.

I could most likely go on…but here are some of favorites. I was writing this and noticed that it is the people that keeps repeating itself. I get it…people call the church corrupt and full of hypocrites. However; is there not a hint of those things in all of us. Bottom line I needs to come together with God’s people on a weekly basis. I actually feel sorry for people who do not have a good church home to help the grow, keep the encouraged, and challenge them to be better.