Random Thoughts

Questioning My Leadership

Ever had your decisions questioned? Ever had someone not like the way an issue was handled? If you haven’t then you have not ever operated in a position of leadership. The longer I operate in a position of leadership the more I realize it is becoming increasingly difficult to lead. I honestly believe that people think that leaders wake up and say to themselves “I hope the decisions I make will cause havoc and division among those that I lead.” To those that question leadership, let me ask you a question “do you think it is the goal of every leader to fail”? Let me answer this…NO! Us leaders are all wanting to be successful, well liked, and followed.

Have you ever considered that you do not know all the details? I mean could it be possible that there are more factors than what you can actually see? I can tell you right now there are many factors that can help, hinder, or hurt each decision that is made.

Have you ever considered that the person really cares? Decision are delayed. Consequences are not severe enough. Could it be that the leader is operating with a heart of love, mercy and grace? Maybe even trying to give people the same numerous opportunities that are given by God. Thank you Lord for mercy when I deserved judgment. Just maybe we leaders would like to obtain mercy ourselves by administering mercy.

Have you ever considered the struggle the decision involved? Most leaders struggle with decisions because of the people it effects. When a person is fired, a punishment is administered, or a decision is made it effects so many people that causes struggle and anxiety. The decision was a struggle and you have no idea how much pressure it takes to make such decisions.

Have you ever considered there is a reason you are not the leader? It is easy to sit back and question, ridicule, and complain. Can offer a suggestion? How about praying for the leader? How about supporting the leader? How about sitting down and discussing it with the leader instead of using social media to blast them? How about trying to gain a perspective before going public with your opinion? Remember everyone has opinions…they are like arm pits…everybody has them and most of them stink!