Random Thoughts

What is my number one responsibility?

In a world with so many problems and situations we can easily get distracted. If we are not careful and caution we can overlook our responsibilities while trying to meet needs and heal hurt. God has given us priorities. It is so easy to get our priorities out of order. Here is my responsibilities and while I am writing them out they will remind me to keep priorities in order as well.

  1. My relationship with God. If I was to neglect my relationship with the Lord then it will hinder the rest of my responsibilities. It is essential that I make my relationship with God my number one priority. Loving God with all my heart, soul, and strength gives me the ability to nurture my other responsibilities.
  2. My Spouse. Not my kids, my spouse. My kids are temporary, but my wife is permanent. I love my kids, but if my kids are going to have a successful marriage and family themselves then they must see it lived out in front of them.
  3. My Children. Notice I said “my children”. Not only did I say “my children” but I must also say “all my children”. They all need my attention, care, and time. I must nurture my relationship with each of my children before I make other children a priority.
  4. My Calling. Notice I did not say my career, my job, and I didn’t even say my church. I believe that if I make my calling a responsibility then it will overflow into all the other areas. My calling is connect to my career, my job and my church. If I make my calling a priority then it will effect the way I work and the way I worship. Matter of fact, my work and worship will overlap as one big service opportunity.

I am not perfect and I get distracted. I get my priorities out of order from time to time. I struggle just like others, but it helps me to write them out as a reminder to keep things in perspective.