Genesis 22:1-14.

When people think of worship there are so many things that come to mind. Honestly, worship is one of those words that is thrown around so much that it loses it validity. Sometimes worships gets isolated into a specific act such as singing, giving, prayer, or even preaching. While these are definitely aspects of worship, we must realize that worship is much more than being categorized into one of theses specific headings.

First, we need to realize that worship is the act of applying worth. Therefore, the things we value the most are the things we worship. I would argue the fact that everybody worships something. However; it would be good to answer the question of understanding what it truly means to apply worth to God.

When we read Genesis 22 we see that Abraham and Isaac went unto the mountain to worship God. Abraham being asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac is one of the more stranger request from God. Then again, God does things all the time that seem very strange to our human reasoning. Reading Genesis 22 we see that there is no music, there is no church service, and there is no sermon. So why did Abraham use the word worship? I believe that the one thing we see taking place in this text is obedience. When we are in a operating in obedience to God we are at the same time truly worshipping God.

Where does this level of obedience originate? I believe that obedience to God requires faith. We will never be able to obey God past the strength of our own faith. Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes through hearing the word of God. Therefore, we see the value of our Bible within our worship experience. Worship is a matter of obedience, obedience requires faith, and faith is strengthen from the word of God. This makes are Bible so vital to our spiritual maturity.

I am learning how important it is to value and implement God’s Word in my life. Which leads me to a question I was asked this week: “do you possess a Bible or does the Bible possess you?” I am afraid the reason we are so shallow in our worship experience with God is because we have such an anemic experience with God’s Word.