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Sharing a Need (HELP NEEDED!)

Watching God call people is an amazing thing.  I am truly amazed at how God has been working with our outreach team lately.  Just recently Steve Battles shared his burden about reaching those that are in need.  Many times those that are poor, homeless, or in need have to find a way to get to their resources.  However, based on the message of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 we see that it is our job to get to those in need.  Steve has discovered a unique way in which this can be done.

Steve is wanting to purchase an ambulance (pictures are below) and transform it into a mobile homeless unit.  We have the ability to turn this ambulance into a portable resource unity that can actually go where those in need exist.  This ambulance will be stocked with food, clothes, snack bags, hygiene items, and even medical supplies.  This ambulance is $7000.00.  Would you consider helping us purchase this ambulance so that Steve will be able to convert this ambulance into a mobile resource unit, move the stuff he has been using out of the back of his own truck and get started working with easier access to the resources people will need.  All you have to do is go to http://www.mtpleasantbc.com and click on the “give” link.  We have designated everything that comes in as a donation toward the ambulance.  Please consider supporting this ministry opportunity.  Here are some pictures:


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