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Sunday Reflections

My apologies for being a few days late with this article.  The past week was so victorious!  I rejoice in what God did last week.  Seeing my best friend from age three trust Christ and then hearing her and her husband share their testimony was more than I can explain.  Through all this we were able to see 6 people come to know Christ over the past week.  I watched God do so much.  God reminded me that when things are the darkest is when His light is shining the brightest.  I welcome you to go the following link and watch her testimony.  I have no doubt it will be a blessing to you!

A Hardened Heart

‘Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: ‘

Hebrews 3:7-8

It is amazing how God uses his word to guide us through circumstances.  The concept of a hardened heart is something that needs to be addressed.  It is amazing how God uses a softened heart, but it is also amazing how destructive a hardened heart can become.  Harden hearts are not limited to only unbelievers.  Over the years we see how the hearts of some of God’s children can become hardened.  It is vital that we realize the more our hearts are hardened toward the things of God the less sensitive we become to voice.

What causes a hardened heart?  There are several examples throughout the Bible of what causes hearts to become hardened. It is easy to see the effects of the hardened hearts but it requires a little more investigation to see what may cause hearts to become hardened.  A heart becomes harden when people begin to practice sin on a habitual level.  Sin has a hardening effect on a person. After habitually practicing such things the spiritual senses become unresponsive to the things of God therefore rendering a heart to harden itself to spiritual matters.  We also see hearts hardened over pride.  When people harbor pride they are allowing their hearts to become hardened.  Pride is the root of all evil and while it a sin in and of itself…it still merits identification as a major contributor to the hardened heart.  Many times hearts become hardened because of how much pain and suffering a person experiences.  The pain that one encounters has a tendency to cause them to build walls that not only shuts out people but it also shuts out God.  It is scary to think how life in general can cause such damage to a person’s sensitivity to the voice of God.

Ultimately, the harden heart comes from the absence of God’s presence.  When God begins to remove his presence from our lives it begins to take away all the things that keeps us sensitive to his Spirit. God’s presence is one that brings compassion, mercy, grace, longsuffering, and patience.  The absence of God means that the attributes of God are removed.  Therefore, when you feel your heart hardening…run to God’s presence.  Without God we can do nothing.  Without God we are nothing.  It will be the presence of the God of all comfort that softens the heart of man.  Therefore, run to God and do it quickly before it is eternally too late.


Discussion Questions

  1. What does a hardened heart look like or how can you identify a hardened heart?
  2. What are some situations we encounter that cause our hearts to be hardened?
  3. What is the difference between a heart that is hard and heart that does is cautious?
  4. What are emotions we tend to feel when our heart becomes hardened?
  5. What is the cure for the hardened heart?

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