Sunday Reflections

Isaiah 43:18-19  Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.  19  Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, andrivers in the desert.

If a person begins to listen to those around them close enough, they care hear the concerns of their heart.  Over the past few weeks I have heard the work “stuck” a lot.  It seems like individuals as well as the church can get “stuck” from time to time.  It is part of life and it is something that happens as life happens.  Living on a farm, I have definitely experienced the frustration of being stuck.  It never happens on purpose, but it will happen nonetheless.

If getting stuck is a part of life, then how does one go about getting unstuck?  When I get stuck on a tractor then all I do is call someone with a bigger tractor and they are able to pull me out.  I have learned that it is not quite getting my life out a rut is as simple as having someone pulling me out.  This question has led me on a journey that I have begun at our church.

Getting “stuck” or getting into a “rut” usually results in the desire of God doing something new or fresh in our life.  It is like the oil in our life has lost its potency and we need some fresh oil.  Isaiah 43:18-19 shows us that God “will do a new thing”.  The excitement of God doing a new thing comes with a stipulation that is very difficult.  The key to experiencing God doing a new thing in our lives hinges on what he tells us to do in verse 18.  We must forget the past.  We all know that past can be paralyzing, but if you were to study the entire chapter of Isaiah 43, we would learn that God does not bring up past mistakes, he brings up past miracles.  We all live the idea of forgetting past mistakes, that is something we want to do, but we have a tendency to get “stuck” in past miracles.  We need to understand that God wants to do a new thing and not an old thing. He still wants to perform miracles, but he will not do it the same way twice.  God never wants us to forget his faithfulness, but we never need to assume that God will perform his miracles in the same manner.  Ask yourself the question: “Did Jesus heal people the same way throughout his ministry?”  The answer is “no”.  God is still a way maker, but in order to get unstuck we do not need to get caught up in the “way” and pay closer attention to the “who”.  God will pull us out, but he may pull us out a different way the next time.  Therefore, the key to getting out of the rut is by not allowing the process of God dictate the promise of God.  God will fulfill his promises…but he may not do it in the same manner.

One of the things that bother me is when people talk about “the good ole days”.  It is like when I hear them talk about that period of time (whenever that was) it makes me feel like God is done.  Isaiah prophesized by saying God would do a “new thing”.  God is not only still working miracles, I truly believe our best days are still before us.  Just because God did it a certain way thirty years ago does not mean he will follow the same pattern today.  We must not allow the method of God in the past to dictate the miracle of God today.

Discussion Questions

  1. How do we become “stuck” in the ruts of life?
  2. What does it feel like when we become stuck? (Emotionally/Physically/Mentally)
  3. How does past miracles hinder our ability to see God at work within our lives?
  4. Does God doing a “new thing” make us uncomfortable, excite us, or both? Why?