Before the Fire

Read Daniel 3

Much of our focus is how God delivered the three Hebrew boys out of the burning furnace.  We celebrate their faithfulness, their courage, and their boldness.  Their unwillingness to bow and conform to movement of the world is a message that has been preached all over the world.  I find myself looking at these men and trying to determine what got them through such a difficult circumstance.  I ask myself what I would have done if being placed in the same scenario.  What would it take to get me through such a difficult trial?

I truly feel as though we get so focused on what these men did during their trial that we forget that what they did before the trial is what truly made the difference.  These men did not just decide the same day of their trial that they would not bow.

  1. Their faith before the fire is what fueled their faith through the fire.
  2. Their walk with God before the fire is what help them walk with God through the fire.

It is evident that our relationship with God matters now.  Everything may be great and there are no problems within your life.  Please do not ignore the importance of deepening your walk with God because the trial will come, the fire is going to happen, and your day will come when our faith will be put a test.  Our relationship with the Lord before the trial will have an impact to our response for the Lord during the trial.

I find myself asking the question:  would my relationship with the Lord be deep enough to get me through something as difficult as a fiery furnace?  Maybe I need to strive diligently to pursue the Lord right now so that when that day comes, I will not waiver.  Please…lets not neglect our relationship with God.  What we do before the fire will have an impact on how we respond during our fire.