Moving Forward

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”

Ever feel like you are moving backwards?  Your body is in motion but you are either going in the wrong direction, or not going anywhere.  One of the most frustrating truths I have encountered is that the Lord causes us to go backwards before we can actually move forward.  The truth this verse gives me is that God does not leave his work unfinished.  He takes us all go through moments where we feel like we will never accomplish our dreams, and our vision will never come to fruition.  Paul was confident in the Lord’s work and His ability to finish what he starts.  I must remember the same principle.  God leads us around, and God leads us about.  I have to remember this is the Lord’s work.  I have to remember my life, plans, and dreams belong to the Lord.

I am sitting here thinking about what Joseph must of felt when God gave him a vision and then God allowed him to be sold off to slavery, and even then sent him to prison.  Can you imagine God given you a dream and then the next thing you know your in a prison cell?

This leads me to believe that God is always progressing us, but from our prospective we feel like we are going backwards.  I would like to just share some truths that God has given me about moving forward.

  1. I remember that is as long as I am still breathing God is not finished with me.
  2. I rehearse my promises the Lord has given me.
  3. I rejoice in my final destination.
  4. I resolve that God can do a better job with my life than me.

It is important that I remember these truths…otherwise…I would have given up.