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Don’t Hate The Truth

Galatians 4:16 “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

This is a very good question that must be asked among American Culture.  We live in a world that despises the truth.  People today hate to hear the truth, because many times, the truth can be painful.  We must remember that those that are true friends are the ones that speak the truth, even when they know we don’t want to hear it.  The generation we see growing up before our eyes are falling into a snare of lies.  They would rather attach themselves to a lie than accept the truth.  It does not seem logical that the truth would cause us to create enemies, however; it is a reality.  We must remember that the truth was designed to help us, not hurt us.  God says the truth will make us free.  It is essential that we make sure we don’t get angry when we hear someone speak the truth to us out of a heart of love.  If you get mad at the truth, then ask yourself whether you would rather appreciate the truth, or enjoy someone telling you a lie.

Today’s Challenge:  Pay attention the truth today.  Remember when your boss, parent, or pastor speaks to you in truth that it was not meant to hurt you, but rather help you.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Hate The Truth

  1. I would say it is not so much that modern society, especially people of the younger generations coming up in the world like myself, is afraid of truth, it is that it is harder and harder to know what it truth and what is lies.

    Additionally, the idea of truth is much harder to understand in terms of religion and faith, which by definition is believing in something that one does not know is true. I know from my own experience, I have great respect for others’ faiths and beliefs, but I do not appreciate those people telling me that their belief, their faith, is truth for all, and that my belief and my faith is therefore wrong. I would never tell another person that his or her belief is false. What I believe in I have faith will be the truth, but that does not make it truth. People want to be right, they want to know the truth, and they will claim to know truth just for the sake of the satisfaction of being right, even when by definition they really don’t know, they only have faith. There is nothing wrong with having faith, nothing wrong with not knowing the truth. Unfortunately, many people aren’t comfortable with just faith.

    That’s just my experience on the matter, though…

    • Thank you for your post. It is caused me to think and I completely understand you point. However; I must say that truth is rather simple and everyone operates through some level of truth. For example, if you have ever sat down and talked with a friend, child, or co-worker while trying to help them make a good decision then you have operated in some level of truth. I can promise that if you believe something strong enough then you will not have a problem standing and defending for what you believe. A person can defend what they believe to be truth, while at the same time respect the beliefs of others. The problem lies in the fact that when we speak what we believe to be true it has a tendency to make people angry. To be honest, Jesus Christ is the most controversial person that has ever walk the planet. This is what Galatians is stating in this verse. When Jesus Christ is your standard for truth then it automatically becomes a controversial issue. For me, my standard of truth is the Bible. I believe it, and do my very best to obey it. I have no problem telling someone that I believe they are wrong. Look at it like this: If I believed I had the cure for cancer and that it would cure the world then I would not retain it being afraid I might offend them. No, I would proclaim and let others know about it.

  2. Your way of going about sharing what you consider truth, I would think, would avoid a lot of argument. Reason being is when you say, “I have no problem telling someone that I believe they are wrong.” Key word being ‘believe.’ You have a belief, you have faith that belief is truth. That does not necessarily make it universally true, but that does not matter. It is truth for you, there are others who have a truth that they abide by. I always enjoy discussions like these, but the moment I hear, “The truth is…” followed by the other person’s belief, the discussion always ends up going down hill. I tell the person I respectfully disagree, provide my personal truth as a rebuttal, and am either told I am wrong (this is not their opinion, but ‘God’s’ truth that I am denying, therefore I am universally wrong by default), or that I am being rude for telling them they are wrong (which I never say, for I truly believe, as you stated, that we are all a little right in our faith, in what we think is truth, and make a point to express that during every discussion on faith I have). I look at myself as an agnostic theist, meaning I have a belief (theist), I have faith that belief is truth, but I accept the possibility this belief of mine is not truth (agnostic), and therefore wrong. I accept this for myself as well as every other believer I meet, and I treat all people I meet with respect for their belief, their right to have it, and the possibility they are closer to the real truth than I am.

    I completely agree that those of faith should share their beliefs, and allow others to know that, to said believers, that belief is truth. But one must also be tactful, and allow those who listen to also understand that it is not literal truth, it is faithful truth, and so it may not be the faithful truth for every individual. It is possible that faithful truth is also literal, but that cannot be proven until after death, so one must rely on faith first, and worry about the literals later.

    I had a very prominent experience regarding this kind of confrontation just this week. If you’d like to weigh in, here is the link to the story.


    • Well my faith is the foundation of everything I do. You are right in that a person has the right to believe what they want. I am Bible Believing Christian that looks to Scripture as my standard for truth. What I believe is therefore what I underatand to be true. A person lives as they believe, other wise they are a hypocrite. I have made the statement before what a person does is what they do and everything else is just talk. I have no reason to disrepect anyone for the way they believe. I would rather agree with God than try to get God to agree with me.

      • A very noble and respectable perspective. I completely agree, one must act on belief to truly believe it and have faith. Sometimes we may falter from that, but we are human, we falter in everything from time to time. Holding the bible as your standard is commendable. There are those like myself who hold ourselves not only to the standards of one bible, but use those standards as well as those of other beliefs as foundation for our own walk in life. It is challenging, but it gives me steps to walk up that I build with my own hands. It takes me to far away thoughts that most people in our culture would rather just be lazy and call old-fashioned and walk away from. Respect is key.

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