Would You Wish This?

Romans 9:3 “For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh:”

We have all heard of selflessness, but this is taking it to an entire new level.  There is a tremendous amount of love and compassion behind this statement.  Paul is demonstrating a love for people that encompasses body, soul, and spirit.  Paul magnified the example of pure selflessness.  Paul had such a life transformation that he wished a curse upon himself over the souls of people.  Paul’s devotion for Christ translated into a devotion for people.  Because he loved Christ, he loved people.

I am convinced the reason we have such a shallow love for people is because we have a very shallow love for Christ.  True followers of Christ become so burdened about the souls surrounding themselves that make wishes such as this.

While I write, I am asking the question:  “would I make such a wish?”

If we get honest, our burden is about growing churches, building buildings, and putting marks on our belts. We have all the methods, but have zero mission.  We are so focused on maintain what we have that we have lost the vision for the Kingdom.

Would we devote our lives to such a cause that we wish a curse on our own, in turn to see such life transformations take place around us?

What is the problem?  – We have no devotion!

  1. We have degrees…but no devotion
  2. We have doctrine…but no devotion

Today’s Challenge:  Put your devotion in check today!