Delighting in God’s Law

Romans 7:22 “For I delight in the law of God after the inward man:”

When we read this entire chapter we will see that there is a battle raging.  There exist within each of us two laws that work completely against one another.  Those two laws are the Law of God and the Law of Sin.  The Law of God is holy, just and good.  It draws its power from the Lord himself.  The Law of Sin is carnal, wicked, and deceitful.  It draws its power from the flesh.  So no doubt there is a battle of two natures working constantly to prevail.  The war is raging within each of God’s Children.  I, like Paul, find myself knowing what I ought to do, and knowing what I want to do, but then in turn doing just the opposite.

Be honest…you do the same thing!

Now, the question becomes clear that we need to know how to win these battles.  The Lord is driving home a point that the law of sin no longer has to win.  Verse twenty-two gives us some insight as to how to experience victory over the decisions and situations that cause us to sin.  It is really simple…Delight in the God’s Law!  We must find delight in the Word of God.

The law of God was put in place to convict the sinner, but it is also there to protect the sinner.  Those that find delight in God’s Law are the people who experience the greatest of victories.

The desire to do our own thing must be thrown out with yesterday’s trash.  The desire to follow God’s guidelines must be put into practice immediately.  Most find delight in sin, because it pleases our flesh, as well as satisfies our flesh.  We must feed the spirit and starve the flesh.  Finding the delight in God’s law does both.

Today’s Challenge:  Delight in the Law of God.  Begin starving your flesh while at the same time you feed your spirit!  The one who is fed the most is usually going to be the strongest!