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How to Beat the Odds

Romans 4:20-21 “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised he was able also to perform.”

This text is talking about Abraham and his promised child.  The problem with this promised child is that it was promised during a time of impossibility.  Abraham and his wife Sarah were very old.  Abraham was 100 yrs old and Sarah was 99 yrs old.  Yes….now you are starting to get the picture – Impossible for someone to have a child at that age.  In other words, you can say the odds were stacked against them.  As you already know that Abraham was given a son, and everything God promised him, God made it come to a reality.  However; there were some things Abraham had to do on his in to beat the odds.

  • He relied on the Power of God:  If you were to read verse 17 you find that Abraham relied on three aspects of God’s power.  First, is that he knew God had the power over dead situations.  While age was a factor, he knew God could make dead things come alive again.  Secondly, he knew God had the power over invisible situations.  He realized that God can make things exist that never existed.  Finally, he knew God had the power over impossible situations.  He believed in hope when there was no hope.
  • He rested on the Promise of God:  The only way to beat the odds is to make sure you have obtained a promise.  It is important that we stay strong in faith, and become fully persuaded that God will make the promise become a reality.  If someone can talk you out of a promise then you do not have a promise from the Lord.  Abraham was fully persuaded…are you?
  • He remembered the Plan of God:  God’s plan was do something great.  God specializes in the impossible.  So many times we come short of seeing God work because we shorten our goals.  God size plans take God to make them come to a reality.  If it was possible then you can give yourself or someone else credit.  If it is impossible then you know it was the Lord.

Today’s Challenge:  Beat the odds!  The only way to beat the odds is to follow the example set by Abraham.  Look in verse 24 of this chapter.  The key phrase is “But for us also…” God did not just want Abraham to beat the odds, God wants us to beat the odds.  We can do it too!

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