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Advice to Young Women about Dating



Broken hearts.  Betrayal.  Tears.  The promise to yourself that this will never happen to you again… but it does.

broken heartAnd that doesn’t even cover all of the hurt and pain in your heart.  You have questions that you can’t answer.  “Was it my fault?”  “Am I not pretty enough?”  “Should I have given him more?”  “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”  “Will I ever find love and happiness?”  “Does anyone understand?”

You’re not asking for much – certainly nothing unreasonable.  You are a young woman.  You want to be loved; you want to be happy; and you want to enjoy life.

To make matters worse, you are reminded of your own loneliness, while other people seem to have found their fairy tale.  You constantly see pictures on Instagram or Facebook of the couples; your phone is always buzzing with a new text about how happy they are.  You try to smile…

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