Acts 26:28 “Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”

Paul presented his case, shared his testimony, and preached the Gospel to King Agrippa.  The boldness of Paul was noted.  Paul gave it his best and put the decision into the hands of Agrippa.  The statement Agrippa makes in this verse should sends chills throughout our spirit.  I am fearful that there are many people today that have made this statement, making this statement, or will make this statement.  The key word that we must highlight in this verse is “almost”.  That word does not fit into the realm of eternity.  No one “almost” makes it to Heaven.  I am reminded what I heard a preacher say one time about the word “almost”.  It means “about but not quite”.  “Almost” will never get the job done.  If a person “almost” finishes the job then the job is still left incomplete.  The sadness within this statement says that Agrippa was almost a Christian.  This statement means that he remained lost and on his way to Hell.  Putting this principle in our court means that we can settle for “almost”.  We need to strive to go “all the way”.  The word “almost” needs to be removed from our goal setting mentality.

Today’s Challenge:  Learn to remove the word “almost” from our vocabulary.  Remember every time the word “almost” is used then you are saying that you left something incomplete.