A Church that Increased Daily

Acts 16.5 “And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.”

When we measure the growth of our Churches we do at certain increments.  Most of our measurements are based on weeks, months, quarters, and years.  However this Church was growing daily.  There are two key principles that can be addressed from this verse:

  • Churches must be established “in the faith”:  I am reminded of the saying “just because there is a sign that says “church” does not necessarily mean that is what is taking place on the inside.”  Churches should be faith based.  In the American Christian Culture of today we are seeing Churches be more demographic based, or data based.  The leaders of today’s Church seem to look at the numbers surrounding them rather than turning to the God above them.  Anything other than faith will be establishing something on unstable ground.
  • Churches must increase “daily”WOW…This is convicting.  We look at our numbers on a service date basis.  We measure our Sunday Services, our Small Group Meetings, and our other Ministry Meeting that meet throughout the week.  This Church increased daily rather than during a time when they met.  The Lord presents His Church with a great principle.  We are to increase daily.  Each day, each member, must push themselves to multiply themselves.  The Church will increase daily when the people of the Church start to multiply themselves daily.

Today’s Challenge:  Try to duplicate yourself on a daily basis.  It is not a matter of filling a building.  It is a matter of filling a Kingdom.