Living at God’s Disposal

Acts 15:26 “Men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

The word “hazarded” means to “surrender”, “yield up”, or “entrust”.  These men placed themselves at God’s disposal.  This is such a tremendous example of Christianity.  True Christianity is not a part time thing.  It is being completely yielded to the will and workings of God.  Society in America has created a Christian that is no longer available for God at all times.  People today have put tried to place the Lord at their disposal rather than placing themselves at God’s disposal.  Complete surrender is necessary for God to bless.  It will do us some good to get an idea of what it means to be at God’s disposal.

  • We must be available to Serve:  God wants us to be available to serve Him…whenever He desires us to serve.
  • We must be available to Suffer:  These men suffered much for God.  We must be yielded to the principle that those that live Godly will suffer persecution.
  • We must be available to SacrificeWe have to come to the place everything we are and everything we have belongs to the Lord.

Today’s Challenge:  Check and see if you are a person that can be described like these men were described.  Does your life carry such a tremendous testimony?