Where Do We Carry God’s Word

Acts 13:49 “And the word of the Lord was published throughout all the region.”

This verse really intrigues me, because before the Word was printed, it was already being published.  I looked up the word “published” and come to realize that it meant to “bear through” or to “transport”.  The Word of God was being transported, even though they were not carrying around leather bond Bibles underneath their arms. Which brings to question how the Word was being “published”?  While they did not carry God’s Word in their arms, they carried it in their hearts.  They were living, breathing, and walking examples of “thy word have I hid in my heart”.  These men and women became living Bibles.  They were so consumed with God’s Work in their life that it was published everywhere they went.  This brings us to a very convicting question:  Is God’s Word being published where you go?  Do we only carry our Bible to Church, without carrying it within our hearts?  Most of us would have to be honest and say we lack greatly in this area of Christianity.  Today we hope in a machine to publish God’s Word.  While I appreciate the technology and it sure makes God’s Word easier to access, it also makes it less precious to us.  The Lord wants us to be living, breathing, and walking Bibles.  He wants our lives to be the Bible that many will read first.  We need to come to the place where the outside world does not know where our lives start and God’s Word stops.  We must become walking Bibles.

Today’s Challenge:  Take an inventory of your life, your actions, and your language.  Then determine whether the Bible is carried under your arm or whether it is carried in your heart.