They Continued

Acts 2:42 “And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread and in prayers.”

This verse teaches the key to the successful ministry.  There is a phrase “they continued” is very important to successful ministry.  To be a successful Christian we must decide to continue.  In other words, we must make a conscious decision to stay the course.  There are certain things that we must continue in order to see God bless our lives as well as our ministry.

  • We Must Continue in Doctrine:  If we move away from the Bible we are moving away from God.  Those that want the blessings of God will desire to align to the Bible rather than the philosophies of the world.
  • We Must Continue in Fellowship:  It is really important that we continue to build relationships with people.  The more our relationships with people grow the more continuity there will be among God’s People
  • We Must Continue in Breaking of Bread:  This is another level of relationships.  We are to another step further and establish friendships.  This takes fellowship to another level of intimacy.  We are to grow our relationships from becoming acquaintances to becoming a family.
  • We Must Continue in Prayer:  It is vital that we pray.  Continue to pray.  Pray opens heaven’s door and places us in fellowship with Christ.  Without fellowship with God we cannot have fellowship with man.  God help us to pray without ceasing!

Today’s Challenge:  Continue in these things.  Obedience is on us, but the outcome is up to God.