The Napkin is Still Folded

John 20:7 “And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself.”

Many overlook the blessing of a folded napkin.  This folded napkin is significant for several reasons.  A folded napkin sends a message.  When a person is eating and they throw their napkin down on their plate it sends the message that they are done with their meal.  However; when a person folds their napkin and lays it aside it sends a message that they are not finished and that they will be back to finish the meal….(Well I just got real happy)!  Note that Jesus did not throw the napkin down but it was laid their folded.  Telling us that He is not finished and that He is coming back to finalize the work.  Praise the Lord the napkin is still folded.  This folded napkin teaches me several lessons:

  • It tells us that Jesus has Conquered Death:  If Jesus was still dead then the napkin would be around His face while His body was still in the grave.  However; He is alive and the napkin is still folded.
  • It tells us that Jesus can Comfort our Distress:  The folded napkin is a message that we serve a living Savior.  Anytime I get stressed or feel like I am losing, I can remember the folded napkin.  I find comfort in knowing that Jesus is returning.
  • It tells us that Jesus is Confronting the Doubters:  There are some out there that are skeptical as to the resurrection of Christ.  The folded napkin sends an assurance to our heart that Jesus has a promised return.  It is our evidence to a soon coming promise.  Jesus is coming back!!!

Today’s Challenge:  Be not dismayed…the napkin is still folded!