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Why Christianity is Hated

John 7:7 “The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.”

We get an understanding of why Christ is such an offense to the world.  In modern American Culture those that align to the Bible and believe Christ is truly “the way, the truth, and the life” are looked upon as bigots as well as speakers of hate.  I find it ironic that the message of the Gospel through believing on Jesus Christ is a message of love, hope, peace and joy.  It is far from hate and bigotry.  It is amazing how the world can’t stand it when someone’s beliefs and actions reveal their wickedness.  I want to look at some reasons as to why the world hates Christ and His message.

  • The Holiness of Christ exposes the wickedness of people.  People do not like to be shown up or made to look bad.  When any one lines up next to Christ they find out that they don’t look as good as what they once perceived.  To the non-Christian it would be better to hate this person rather than accept this person.
  • The Message of Christ eliminates the philosophies of people.  Humanity can’t stand it when they can’t mix their ways in with God ways.  The message of Christ teaches that man can do nothing and has nothing to offer for his/her own salvation.  It all lies on the work of Christ.  This makes people mad because they think themselves to be “good enough” to offer something.
  • The Gospel of Christ extracts the religions of people.  People don’t like it when being sincere just does not get the job done.  Humanity says that it does not matter what you believe when the Gospel of Christ teaches us the exact opposite.  Christianity does not promote a religion. Christianity presents a relationship.  Religion will send a person to Hell while a relationship with Christ will allow us to spend an eternity in Heaven.  People want to believe what they want and when that is presented as false they hate it rather than accepting it.

Today’s Challenge:  Don’t get upset when the world rejects what you present them.  Those that align to Christ and His teachings will be rejected and ridiculed!

2 thoughts on “Why Christianity is Hated

  1. Bro. Boatman, all very good points. Thank you. I believe and have experienced over the years that a lot of people are offensive in their presentation of the gospel and tend to wear that offense as a sort of badge of honor. The gospel is offensive enough in and of itself, yet our lack of grace and propensity to preach standards or convictions before the pure gospel has added to our being despised. Dress, grooming preferences, Bible versions and music have all stopped up people’s ears to the fact that Jesus called all those who labor and are heavy laded unto Him.

  2. Thank you so much for your response brother! I completely agree! We have majored too much on the minors and minored too much on the majors. I told our Church the other day that a person can get several things wrong and still make it to Heaven. However, if they get the Gospel wrong then it does not matter what else they believe.

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