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No Turning Back

John 6:66 “From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.”

When the truth is spoken it is not always received.  Reality hurts and therefore can drive others away.  Jesus spent several verses teaching on the relationship between himself and God the Father.  The principles He taught were usual and very direct.  We live in a society that desires “feel good” messages and from the way things appear, it was no different the Lord’s time.  It is important to look at some principles that will keep you from walking away when you hear someone tell you the truth.

  • Realize that the Truths of Scripture are rarely popular.  You have to accept the fact that if you adhere to Biblical principles it will be unacceptable to the world. 
  • Don’t walk away when your feelings get hurt.  Too many people feel as though the preacher is picking on just them when he is preaching.  If God steps on your toes, be willing to accept the scolding from God.  I promise the preacher is not trying to straighten you out. 
  • Accept the truth as though it was intended for you.  I know people say they are not perfect, but their reactions speak differently.  The Truth of God was made to set you free. 
  • Decide that you are willing to adjust and adhere to God’s instructions.  Rather than give up and walk away, decide that God is giving you an instruction that will draw you closer to Him.
  • Never wear your feelings on your sleeve.  The truth will hurt your feelings.  Remember that God wants to break you down before He builds you back up.

Today’s Challenge:  Determine today that you will follow Jesus regardless of what you are told.  NO TURNING BACK!


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