What’s For Dinner?

John 4:34 “Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.”

Jesus was not hungry for fame, fortune, or social standing.  He was hungry for the will of God.  It would do us good to follow suit.  Take a few moments and allow the Lord to examine our hearts.  We may discover that God’s will is the farthest thing that brings us satisfaction.  We draw satisfaction from the most worldly of goods.  Yet only to find that groceries deplete, money is never a constant and materials don’t last.  We must change our focus as well as our direction.  The same thing that brought fulfillment to our Lord, must be the same thing that brings fulfillment to us.

  • Our Food Must be the Will of God:  God does not hide His will, but we must develop a hunger for it.  The hunger for God’s will, will allow us an opportunity to be fulfilled when we find God’s will.
  • Our Focus Must be the Work of God:  Some might say that they are not called to full-time ministry.  That mentality is a shallow existence.  God may not employ you through the local Church, but if you are truly a Christian then your focus must be on the Work of God.  God gave you a job so that you can fulfill His work.  Realize that your work place is not a job, but a mission field.  The place you work is not a career, but it is your God given ministry!

Today’s Challenge:  Don’t let the material possessions of this world cause you spiritual starvation.  Focus on the things that last for eternity.