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Following From a Distance

Luke 22:54 “Then too they him, and led him, and brought him into the high priest’s house.  And Peter followed afar off.”

This is what provoked Peter’s denial of Christ.  It is common among Christians to get in pressure situations and start regressing rather than progressing.  Following Christ from a distance is a dangerous way to follow the Lord.  Lets take a look at why following from a distance is such a dangerous lifestyle.
  1. It Disfigures our Sight – From a distance things seem smaller.  From a distance Christ seemed smaller.  The smaller the view we have of Christ the greater amount of fear we possess.
  2. Denying Spirit – Following from a distance is another way of saying we are straddling the fence.  If we are a long distance from something then it gives us the choice to adhere to or deny the one we are following.  This is why the pressure got to Peter.  He thought he was far enough away that he was not associated with Christ.  Being lukewarm is comes from a person that has decided to follow Christ from a distance.  
  3. Distressed Situation:  We find Peter later on in the text going out and weeping bitterly.  Sin will do just that!  Though Peter was comfortable for a brief period, we see a man that was broken over his situation.  Following Christ may cost us something, but the price is far greater if we decide to live comfortable Christian lives.
Many so called “Christians” today find themselves doing the same thing.  Following Christ from a Distance.  God said that if we would draw nigh to Him then He would draw nigh unto us.  
Today’s Challenge:  Get closer to Christ!  

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